The Farm

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

The history of the Farm goes back to the 1800s when it was Carman Family dairy farm and homestead. In 1946 it was reinvented as a prison work farm. The principle mission of the work farm was to produce food for use at the neighboring correctional facility, and as well as other County facilities such as hospitals.

In 2004, the Farm began to grow and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to Milwaukee’s hungry through Hunger Task Force. Over the next eight years, Hunger Task Force annually raised necessary operating costs to keep the Farm running, as well as fought off numerous attempts to shutter the Farm and its facilities. In 2011, the inmate labor model was abandoned, opening the Farm to a new model of operation that utilized community volunteers.

In 2012, Hunger Task Force entered into a 30-year lease with Milwaukee County Parks to operate the Farm for the long-term. The lease includes 208 acres of land, plus a 43-acre Oak Savanna. Hunger Task Force continues to meet all operating costs and delivers 750,000 pounds of fresh produce to the hungry in Milwaukee thanks to the help of thousands of community volunteers.

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